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Self-Agency with Amanda Jane 

Initiating Personal Transformation Through The Power Of Embodiment

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Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

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Understanding Trauma for Safer Spaces Training

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SELF-AGENCY; An all-encompassing term that describes the power an individual has over their own life.

SAA VISION; To allow people to unleash their full potential and understand the power of their mind.

SAA is a leader in mental health informed approaches across nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, and NGO industries.

Spearheading initiatives and advocacy efforts to make resources, education, and training a requirement for

those working in person-to-person interactions. 

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"I absolutely loved the training and was inspired by how Amanda skillfully, kindly and sensitively facilitated the weekend that did contain heavy content but also had such a lasting and profound message of hope. I loved how the training covered practical suggestions and recommendations for self-soothing, self-care, completing the stress cycle, discharging energy, etc and encouraged us to think of our own ideas and bring consciousness to this. I really liked the Self-Care Wheel. It was humbling and moving to see so many people attending who really want to show up more, be more intentional and hold compassion for themselves and others - whilst acknowledging that we may have behaviour patterns to shed or modify, and need to kindly and courageously hold ourselves accountable."
-20HR Understanding Trauma for Safer Spaces