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Initiating Personal Transformation Through The Power Of Embodiment

SELF-AGENCY; An all-encompassing term that describes the power an individual has over their own life.

SAA VISION; To allow people to unleash their full potential and understand the power of their mind.

SAA is a leader in mental health informed approaches across nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, and NGO industries.

Spearheading initiatives and advocacy efforts to make resources, education, and training a requirement for

those working in person-to-person interactions. 

Yin Yoga & Trauma-Informed Trainings 

Yin Yoga based mental health & trauma courses.

These trainings are for all those who work with survivors of trauma wishing to incorporate yoga and movement-based practices into their work environment or studio.

1:1 Coaching


The 1:1 coaching offers personalised coaching to unlock your human potential. This incorporates all aspects of the human body & mind; focusing on yoga, nutrition and mindset.



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Unlock Your Human Potential
Reclaim Your Inner Power

The courses are designed to build self-awareness, emotional intelligence and develop personal empowerment.
The course content provides practices and techniques to

Unlock Limiting Mindsets | Rewire Neural Pathways | Cultivate Courageous Communication | Live With Purpose

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Mental Health Informed Approach

Where the Brain and the Body meet. Yin Yoga principles, practical anatomy, mindfulness neuroscience, trauma-sensitive approach to teaching and the art of facilitating powerfully and confidently.

The Self-Agency Academy 
Yin Yoga Teacher Training School

We incorporate and work with Yin Yoga principles and practices in a unique and integrated way. By combining the principles of yin yoga, mindfulness neuroscience, and mental health informed approaches it allows for a space of deep self-reflection, inquiry, discovery, growth and ultimately transformational change. These principles and concepts ask one to linger in a space of stillness and quiet in order for deeper truths to be realized while simultaneously working with concepts of mindful awareness and neuroplasticity to allow for fundamental and sustainable change in mindsets, reactionary patterns, and emotional awareness and intelligence. 

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In order to live fully and show up in this world powerfully, we must first understand what makes us tick, how we function. and how we can create long lasting change in our body & mind.

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