50 Hr - Online YACEP


What is Yin Yoga?
Yin is slow and passive. It is steady and reflective. It is the energy with which we approach our Yin Yoga practice. Our aim is to target the deeper more yin tissues within the body, the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons and joints. We do this through long, still holds of varying asanas that target different parts of the physical and energetic body. The body and mind are challenged in a multitude of ways helping us to not only reap the physiological and anatomical benefits but also to cultivate more mindfulness and mental health benefits both on and off the mat.

About This Training

In this 50 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Mental Health Informed Approach, you will be immersed in theory, practice, ideating intentional sequencing as well as indulging in conversation & self-exploration, helping you obtain a functional and relatable understanding of the yin practice as a whole. This course is for beginners with an already existing yoga practice as well as for the more seasoned practitioners looking to either deepen their own experience or begin their journey as a teacher.

Over the course of the 50 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will gain knowledge and experience in:

  • Mental Health Informed ways of Facilitating; understanding the emotional depth that is involved with this sacred practice and honouring everyone’s personal experience and practice. You will gain a general understanding of the mental and emotional health considerations that may arise as well as what is appropriate in your scope of practice.

  • Mindfulness Neuroscience; We will explore the power of conscious, mindful breathing and how we can restructure thoughts, patterns and beliefs on a neurological level. You will also gain insight into the ways in which breathing may impact physical, mental, energetic and emotional health through anatomy and physiology.


  • Facilitating Responsibly; teaching from the heart while understanding the great responsibility you hold. You will gain practical experience in holding space for others mentally, emotionally and energetically but also keeping yourself and students safe while practicing yin yoga. We will explore things like communication, propping, sequencing and other components that make a strong teacher.

Why Join Us?

By studying Yin Yoga professionally, you will gain the knowledge and experience to confidently share your understanding with your students while also deepening your own personal practice. This allows you the opportunity to hone your existing skills and expertise while learning new and informed ways of cultivating a powerful and safe class for the general public. 

You will be able to confidently sequence and guide a safe and accessible class while understanding the power of the language we, as teachers, use as well as offering ways in which your students can further explore the capacity of their thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.

Can This Really Be Done Online?

I'll be honest, it took me forever to come around to the idea of offering a training like this online. I couldn't wrap my head around being able to bring the magic and potency of an immersive, in-person experience to an online platform. How were people going to get the depth of inner connection and turn this knowledge into wisdom without being full, completely, wholeheartedly immersed in the wonders of a live training? Yet so many people were asking for it. It's the nature of the changing world we live in and I by no means want to disrupt or take away the opportunity for someone to learn and develop themselves and their practice by only offering it in-person. 

After a lot of careful consideration and mindfully crafting this offering, it's finally here and I beyond excited to share it with you. It's important to me to keep these intakes intimate and be accessible and be involved throughout the process to keep as much of the "live" experience apart of it. This is why we have weekly calls to connect, ask questions, share, and learn with and from each other. 

I hope you enjoy soaking this experience up as much as I do facilitating it.


Next Intake: April 6, 2020

Limited Spaces Available 




How it Works

This training is broken down into 6 modules and you will have 2 weeks for each module to respect time, energy, and the fluid nature of life.

This online training will work to immerse you in the knowledge of yin yoga, mindfulness, mental health, and self-discovery to ensure you come away from this transformational training feeling connected to your Self and your practice as well as fully set up to take this training onto your mat and into the world.

You will have access to the lead facilitator, Amanda Hanna, throughout your training via email and the online community to ask questions, discuss growth opportunities for your practice and teaching, and so much more. 

We will have bi-weekly integration phone calls with the entire group to ask any and all questions about the previous module(s) and integrate in order to shift knowledge into wisdom. Attendance is mandatory, however, I know with time zones and schedules it can be hard to make the scheduled call. If the times conflict for you, please reach out and we’ll discuss how to best make this work for the best possible experience for all.

You can choose how long you'd like to have access to the learning materials, course content, videos, and support of the lead facilitator: 6 month access OR Lifetime access! 

Mental Health Approach to Yin Yoga 
in Six Modules

MODULE 1 - Intro to Yin Yoga & Art of Facilitation
History, philosophy, and principles of Yin
Mindfully facilitating yin yoga in a safe, accessible way for all
Cueing and sequencing workshops
Power of props and an intricate breakdown of each asana

MODULE 2 - Nervous System
Nervous System overview
Mental and emotional approach to yin yoga
Extra sense and how their role in yoga
Ways of appropriately adjusting and making this practice accessible

MODULE 3 - Neuroplasticity
Neuroplasticity and our thoughts
Obstacles in practice & overcoming them
Breathing techniques for stress reduction

MODULE 4 - Mindfulness
Mindfulness theory and workshops
Sequencing mindfully
Principles of mindfulness and how to take this on and off the mat
Mind-body connection ​and Embodiment workshop

MODULE 5 - Mental Health Informed Approach
Types of stress and trauma
Trauma & Mental Health informed ways of approaching classes
Appropriate language and communication
Scope of practice and teaching responsibly

MODULE 6 - Self-Agency & Beyond

Self-discovery and growth through the principles of yin
Scope of practice
Group work and study time

Taking your practice off the mat

What's Included

50 Hour of Yin Yoga education  

Recorded Yin & Yang practices

Six modules

Learning materials (downloads and Yin asana guidebook)

Yoga Alliance CDP Certification ​​

Theory and interactive learning ​

Powerful Facilitation Methodology

​Self-discovery and embodiment practices

Yin Yoga asana breakdown​​

Transformational learning environment  

Bi-weekly calls for discussions, Q&A, and integration
Support from lead facilitator throughout your training

Sequencing and communication workshops

Access to your teacher after the training is complete for ongoing growth