Stories from our Community

The structure of the course is very well organized, makes sense and flows perfectly. The Mindfulness section, neuroplasticity and the trauma-sensitive parts were eye-opening and enlightening. 

LOVED how Amanda described and conveyed the message/points. She articulates it well, makes sense, enjoyable and easily accessible to anyone. 

I loved absolutely everything but mostly the journey from the self, through the self, to the self. You have changed my life in 10 days. I am so excited to go out into the big wide world.

 - Georgia - 

Amanda has such a profound depth of knowledge and wisdom and it is presented in a sincere, genuine and professional way which leaves you feeling empowered.  It is the best course I have undertaken and I highly recommend it as it is a beautiful journey.

 - Noeleen - 

 - Felicia - 

I'm a range of emotions today, raw, vulnerable, infinite, expanded, observant, introspective. My friend, my teacher Amanda, thank you for being a guiding light along the path of life. Words simply don't express my full gratitude for this experience with you, and, the beautiful souls who shared the space of being 'truly' present.... so much love, so much to give, so much to continue to learn. Each day has been a step closer along the path in the journey toward home. 

Talk about an integrative practice, When her intuition isn't guiding her to tell you exactly what you NEED to hear, her brain is sharing with you how to balance your body through nutrition and neuroscience as well as body work. Amanda's Session are always so helpful and just what I've been searching for.
Highly recommended.   

 - Casey - 

I love the authenticity of every teaching offered throughout this training. Amanda is a honey pot of knowledge and offers her experience in such a beautiful, empowering way. 
It's hard to put on finger one what I loved most about this training but one thing that will stay with me throughout my journey is the empowerment, sense of ownership and knowledge of self that Amanda embodies and encourages for her students. This will be a message I carry through my teaching and life.

 - Linda - 

 - Charlie - 

What is The Self-Agency Academy?

A school of life many of us never had growing up.

With her passion for sparking freedom in people, Amanda founded SAA in order to share the knowledge and skills she has acquired from years of study and teaching in the mental health and yoga space. Amanda and the incredible SAA facilitators have come together to cocreate online and in person teaching portals, programmes and events, out of their shared passion for sparking freedom in every single person they come into contact with.


SAA brings together science and facts with the power of the subtle energies and internal knowing that we can't quite explain but innately know play a key role in navigating this life.  It's a place for you to learn tools and techniques to make attainable and sustainable changes in your daily life, rewiring old patterns, and beliefs for a more authentic and powerful you. 


Who is this for?

These trainings and offerings are designed for yoga professionals (instructors, staff, studio owners), healthcare and mental health professionals, social and civil service professionals, teachers, first responders, humanitarian volunteers, staff and leaders, and all those who work with survivors of trauma wishing to incorporate yoga and movement-based practices into their work environments. Through a better understanding of the body and how it is affected during certain circumstances and events (mentally, physically and emotionally), we as humans are able to ultimately return ourselves back to a balanced state of living, thus breaking the pattern of stress, anxiety, and eventually trauma within ourselves, our community and our globe.

Why Yin Yoga?

The SAA incorporate and work with Yin Yoga principles and practices in a unique and integrated way. By combining the principles of yin yoga, mindfulness neuroscience, and mental health informed approaches it allows for a space of deep self-reflection, inquiry, discovery, growth and ultimately transformational change. These principles and concepts ask one to linger in a space of stillness and quiet in order for deeper truths to be realized while simultaneously working with concepts of mindful awareness and neuroplasticity to allow for fundamental and sustainable change in mindsets, reactionary patterns, and emotional awareness and intelligence.