What is Trauma-Informed?
Trauma-informed means taking into account past trauma and the resulting coping mechanisms when attempting to understand the behaviours of those we are working alongside. It means bringing empathy and compassion to every interaction and creating a safe and accessible space for all.


The 20Hr Trauma-Informed Approach Training is designed for yoga professionals (instructors, staff, studio owners), healthcare and mental health professionals, social and civil service professionals, teachers, first responders, humanitarian volunteers, staff and leaders, and all those who work with survivors of trauma wishing to incorporate yoga and movement-based practices into their work environments.  Through a better understanding of the body and how it is affected during certain circumstances and events (mentally, physically and emotionally), we as humans are able to ultimately return ourselves back to a balanced state of living, thus breaking the pattern of stress, anxiety, and eventually trauma within ourselves, our community and our globe.

Why Join Us?

By studying Yin Yoga professionally, you will gain the knowledge and experience to confidently share your understanding with your students while also deepening your own personal practice. This allows you the opportunity to hone your existing skills and expertise while learning new and informed ways of cultivating a powerful and safe class for the general public. 

You will be able to confidently sequence and guide a safe and accessible class while understanding the power of the language we, as teachers, use as well as offering ways in which your students can further explore the capacity of their thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.

How it Works

This training is broken down into 6 modules and you will have 1 week for each module to respect time, energy, and the fluid nature of life. This is a self-paced experience.

This online training will work to immerse you in the knowledge of yin yoga, mindfulness, mental health, and self-discovery to ensure you come away from this transformational training feeling connected to your Self and your practice as well as fully set up to take this training onto your mat and into the world.

You will have access to the lead facilitator, Amanda Hanna, throughout your training via email and the online community to ask questions, discuss growth opportunities for your practice and teaching, and so much more. You can choose how long you'd like to have access to the learning materials, course content, videos, and support of the lead facilitator: 6 month access OR Lifetime access! 


Defining Trauma

Ahimsa and Self Care


Systematic Trauma and Social Injustice

Inclusive and Safe Space Creation


Mind/Body Connection

Embodiment, Disembodiment and Disassociation

Invitational language

During this training participants will...

Evaluate the science behind the mind/body connection
Discuss embodiment, disembodiment and disassociation
Discover new ways in defining trauma
Discuss  systematic trauma and social injustice
Learn the importance of invitational language
Learn tools and methods to promote ahimsa and self-care
Learn how to create an inclusive and safe space

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