A Women’s Retreat into Confidence, Self-Mastery, & a Grounded, Healthy Life

For those looking to take a break from everyday life and step powerfully into a space of transformation from the inside out.
We’ll be exploring concepts, techniques, and offerings that empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing in a profound way.

By the end of this retreat, you will experience...

~ a renewed sense of self-confidence that allows you to show up powerfully in your personal and professional life.
~ the power to respectfully say no to others and start saying yes to yourself without feeling guilty.
~ a sustainable self-care routine that you have the confidence to follow.
~ a clear understanding of your emotional, physical, and mental anatomy and how/why you operate, react, and think the way you do

We’ll demystify the overwhelming mixed messages fed to us by society and media to deepen your understanding of nutrition and lifestyle to increase your body confidence and rediscover who you truly are and what’s most important to you.

Powerfully step into your true identity while fully recharging, rejuvenating and reconnecting.

. 3 nights accommodation in the serenely beautiful and nurturing Sherwood Queenstown
. Nutritiously delicious food throughout your stay
. Educational discussions on hot topics that are on most women's minds - hormones & your monthly cycle, nutrition & healthy lifestyle choices, mindfulness in life and the office, and so much more.
. Reflection exercises to facilitate a supportive deep dive into different aspects of your life to find more understanding
and acceptance of what is
. Women's Circle to listen, share, learn, and BE
. Recommended books, podcasts, people to connect with, and more that will help along your journey to your most Powerful Self

Amanda Hanna, The Self-Agency Academy
With years of experience in Nutrition, Yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Facilitation, Mindfulness, Business, & Neuroscience, Amanda marries her expertise and passion to facilitate an empowering space for personal transformation. If she's not guiding a workshop, retreat or training, you can find her with her nose in a book or feet on a mountain trail.

Sierra Espinal
Deeply in love with the earth and all its inhabitants. Passionate about unifying mind, body, and spirit through yoga, free movement and meditation. Committed to empowering women to step into their full potential and tap into their creative expression and intuitive wisdom.
A traveller and adventurer always at heart and a forever student of Mother Nature.

Early Bird until May 15, 2020

Bookings are absolutely essential as space is limited to keep this retreat cozy and divinely intimate.