Masterclass retreat | Yoga | Meditation | Nutrition


A retreat that helps you bring a sense of ease and health back into life.


Immerse yourself in the goodness of all that Rarotonga has to offer in terms of healing and restoration. With Masterclasses on nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, and so much more, you are sure to leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on your world. We will explore the body, mind, and embodiment like never before to set the stage for growth and transformation.

Allow yourself the time and space to be still and BE. Allow yourself the time and space to connect, nourish, rest and rejuvenate.

Immerse yourself in an environment to explore healing practices which when integrated into our life can have a profound impact on the way we navigate this world. Choose to honour and love YOU.


Dates: November 12 - 17, 2021

Location: Ikurangi eco retreat

** Please note that in the unfortunate circumstance of border closures between New Zealand and Rarotonga, a FULL REFUND will be available.


Airport transfer to and from are included.

Shared accommodation; venue will be exclusively available to participants only.

All meals will be locally catered vegetarian cuisine

Investment in You:
$2,875 NZD

For all of this goodness, wisdom, practices, as well as the added benefit of meeting a
community of like-hearted people the investment is $2,875 - New Zealand Dollars
(NZD). **Flights and accommodation outside of the retreat dates are not included

Personalized payment plans are available. To discuss options suitable for you please email with your name, the training you are enrolling on, and your payment needs which we will discuss further.

What is included?
Masterclass workshops
Polynesian Massage
Bonus Activities
So much more...

Takeaways from the retreat?
Tools & techniques you can implement in daily life
De-stressed and topped up to handle the stresses of the everyday
A deeper understanding of who you are as a human and how to better navigate a complex world.

This private retreat is unlike any other. We will have the entire resort to ourselves
making this experience that much more immersive and sacred. Set in the
breathtaking and soul-nourishing Rarotonga, this retreat is all about filling your cup,
reinvigorating your spirit, and helping you discover and build tools for a healthier,
happier, and more resilient you.
This exclusive retreat is only open to 12 participants to ensure there is enough time
and space for everyone to be supported and integrate the wisdom.

What You’re Investing In

● Masterclass sessions on topics like nutrition, lifestyle,
embodiment practices, mindfulness, meditation and so
much more
● Yoga, meditation, and embodiment practices that are
scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase overall
health. You’ll also receive take-home practices that will
be easy to implement in daily life
● Locally catered vegetarian meals each day of the training
● A divinely blissful Polynesian massage
● An immersive Nature Walk with the legendary Pa, who
shares his knowledge of flora/fauna and their traditional
and medicinal uses. This moving meditation is sure to
leave you further connected with Self and Mama Earth
● Shared accommodation that feels like your own space,
leaving you feeling surrounded and held by nature
● Chemical free salt water swimming pool and free use of
bicycles and snorkelling equipment
● Entire venue privately booked for this retreat; on-site
reception and tour desk open 7 days as well as
● And some (mindfully crafted) surprises along the way, of
course :)

Please note, Rarotonga is a day behind New Zealand; the dates of the retreat are November
12-17 (NZ) which makes it November 11-16 (Rarotonga). Keep this in mind when booking
flights, if you book your flight for November 12 NZ this is correct and will have you in Raro for
1:45pm November 11. **It is up to you to ensure you are translating time zones and booking
flights and accommodation appropriately.

Arrive at Ikurangi Eco Retreat by 3:30pm, November 11 (Raro Time). For those arriving that
day, airport transfers will be provided.

Communal Dinner followed by a Welcome Ceremony and a light movement practice.
Each day will then have us rising early for morning movement and meditation practices
followed by a nutritious breakfast. We will then gather for the masterclass sessions that will
be lecture, discussion and practice based.

We will then break for lunch and the afternoon will include a variety of different practices,
some movement based. While there will be some free time sprinkled throughout our time
together, please know this is more of an educational and immersive experience than it is
about ‘free/solo’ time. After dinner, there will sometimes be mindfulness and embodiment
practices as well as some other activities along the way.

For those leaving on the same day retreat ends and airport transfer will be provided.

** Please note that in the unfortunate circumstance of border closures between New Zealand and Rarotonga, a FULL REFUND will be available.